Melanated Pearl Corporation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in Hampton, Ga a subsection of Clayton County established in November 2018. The organization targets services for Black Women in Georgia; the Metro Atlanta area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, educate and uplift Black Women.

Our Work

The Melanated Pearl Corporation uses digital technology, social media platforms, PEARL World Events, and 21st-century skills; communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, to increase access and opportunities for Black Women to live, thrive, and give back. We encourage women to use financial literacy to increase their knowledge of investments and wealth building. We seek to provide virtual and in-person opportunities to connect with black females across multiple social media platforms. The content we produce helps our company capture and celebrate the stories of our target audience. We aim to establish and grow our community of PEARL girl (Passionate – Engaged – Activist -Restisting -Limits) by providing captivating and relatable content that educates uplifts and empowers Black women to feel confident and inspired so they can take control of their personal, professional, and financial future.

Our Promise

To educate the resilient, innovative accomplishments of the Passionate Engaged Activist, Resisting Limitations (PEARL) Girls in our networks and communities on the importance of legacy planning and long term investments.

Our Why

Black Women are unique and we deserve an alternative to the norm!

We could have created a group somewhere else, but we chose this path for one simple reason. IT’s OURS!

Crystal Perry, Melanated Pearl Founder

There are multiple Ways for You to Meet and Connect with other PEARL Girls. We can use social media to introduce people who are near each other, who fall into the same categories, and who care about the same topics. There’s no question it’s a different approach. 

Melanated Pearl Corporation is a movement, dedicated to educating, uplifting, and empowering Black women through leadership development, financial literacy education, and positive identity development.

By launching this digital community, we can introduce you to more people and unlock valuable collaborations and exclusive content, specifically related to the needs of black women. At Melanated Pearl Corporation personal and professional development and financial literacy for black women, is about much more than simply gathering and sharing the tools; it’s about connecting with our community, understanding how to serve as leaders, and empower the next generation of diverse stakeholders. As we build this community together, we have great features for creating exclusive content, deeper conversations, richer polls, and online or in-real-life events.

Melanated Pearl

Are you a PEARL Girl?


“pas·sion·ate; showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief. ”

As a black woman my passion is often stereotyped as “anger or aggression”, but PEARL Girls push back against that single story and claim being PASSIONATE as a strength! I am my ancestors wildest dreams! 

#blackgirlpearls# 1in13gajustice 


“to become involved”

PEARL Girls are ENGAGED in their communities, schools, families. #ENGAGE cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion).

Start by following hashtags like#prisonreform #1in13 #1in13GAJustice #earlychildhoodeducation #incarceration 


ac·tiv·ist; a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change. #activist #blackfeminism #blackfemales 

Melanated Pearl Corp is highlighting mass incarceration in Georgia. #1in13 GA citizens is under corrective supervision. Black females are impacted and should protest injustice.

PEARL Girls are encouraged to share their stories! #blackgirlpearls


“oppose, fight against, refuse to accept, object to, defy, set one’s face against, kick against”

We must resist the norm of criminalization in our homes, our schools, and our communities! #resist 

#blackgirlpearls succeed in ignoring the attraction of (something wrong or unwise). try to prevent by action or argument.


#limitations; a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction.

That’s right I said it. Black females are legendary for being all things to all people. But Passionate Engaged Activists Resisting Limitations (PEARL) – Understanding the positives in framing and setting lim·i·ta·tions

#refuelStop to care for the warrior!  restriction, curb, restraint, control, check 

As part of our means to rejuvenate and promote #selfcarePEARL girls set and defy Limitations! Learn to say No! 

Thank you for your interest in Melanated Pearl and the Melanated Pearl Corporation! We are here to connect with one another every day. Let pause to focus on the often mundane, experiences unique to black women! Melanated Pearl Corporation helps black women accomplish personal, professional, and financial success by providing a virtual space to seek advice, coaching, connections, resources, mentorships, and to share stories of triumph.