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PEARL World is a community for women; designed with Black Women in mind we host events in Black-owned and operated spaces, we promote Black-owned products, we highlight Black female entrepreneurship (vendors), and we offer a pathway to people with purpose, vetted by Melanated Pearl founder Crystal Perry.

The PEARL Community

While the COVID-19 pandemic required our organization to shift our outreach tactics to reflect recommendations of the CDC and public health officials, Melanated PEARL’s core mission of supporting and encouraging women and girls impacted by poverty has never wavered. 

Even before the pandemic, African Americans suffered higher unemployment rates than their white counterparts. Black women continue to rank among the hardest hit by the pandemic unemployment crisis. The U.S. government estimates that nearly 2 million Black women who were working before the pandemic are now jobless, even though they want to continue working. With joblessness, these women are more likely to struggle to pay rent and sometimes to afford even basic provisions. 

Collective Impact Initiatives

Program A

The Mother of P.E.A.R.L. Housing Initiative: A transitional housing program to help displaced women secure safe and affordable housing. Objectives– Provide financial assistance- up to $4k, Financial education/budget management and credit management, and Secure property-long term.We seek to assist working Black women with families transitioning from homelessness or extended stay hotels in Clayton County, Georgia into an apartment or other rental property.

With the help of volunteers, Melanated PEARL Corporation will identify up to 5 women with families to provide financial assistance that will serve to bridge a short-term economic shortfall in rent, utility, and/or security deposit payments at no cost to the participants. Participants will be assisted with first and last month’s rent and security deposit up to $4,000 (per family). 

Approved participants must meet eligibility assessment / screening requirements and must agree to a financial literacy training (at no cost to the participant) provided by Melanated PEARL Corporation. 

Melanated PEARL Corporation will also work directly with participants to help repair credit and establish savings so that participants will be better equipped to handle a financial crisis in the future with a financial literacy development program.

Program B

Mother of P.E.A.R.L. Campaign – this campaign seeks to celebrate 100 Black women “Mother of PEARL” with self-care packages filled with products from local Black female vendors.


To date, Melanated Pearl Corporation has been involved in the following activities to assist affected Black women and families: 

June -2020- Melanated PEARL Van supports Food Delivery with Metro Atlanta Urban Farm and Everybody Eats

Melanated Pearl Corporation partnered with the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm to distribute food, fruits, and vegetables to families in need or experiencing access issues. 

Collective Impact during COVID19

June 19, 2020- Melanated Pearl and Community Partnership

Melanated Pearl Corporation partnered with female entrepreneurs at Magnolia Pink to host a Juneteenth event providing a safe space for Black Women to process race and police brutality and launched our summer branding campaign promoting three key messages: Black is Beautiful, Start Black Over, & Busy Buying Black. 

May 2020- Melanated Pearl MOM Self Care Kit

The idea behind the Melanated MOM Self-Care kit is unique. We encourage the celebration of your authentic self. If you have ever purchased or received a sample of a healthy and beauty kit, as women of color, you know the feeling of opening products that aren’t necessarily culturally appropriate.

Crystal Perry, Founder- Melanated Pearl Corporation

Enter to Win: Text pearlgirl to 888111 

The Melanated Pearl Self Care kit is all the things you want and nothing you don’t. It’s like giving a gift and immediately receiving one in return. It’s specifically designed with Black Women in mind! 
  • Every product in the kit assists you in maintaining a high quality of life. 
  • Every dollar you spend equals jobs and supports fair wages for black female entrepreneurs. 
  • Every product is connected to a black female entrepreneur with a powerful story. 

At present, we are being challenged to dive back into the systems that our elders and ancestors developed to keep on keeping on. That translates into purposefully and intentionally pouring into black women. At all times, but especially during times such as this; black women, our self-care is vital. Black Women spend most of our time caring for the needs of others; family, friends, coworkers, and spouses and often put our own needs on the back burner. This has proven to be detrimental for us in the long run. 

“Caring for myself…is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde

While many people equate self-care with lavish vacations, spa days, and expensive gifts to treat ourselves, it’s important for you to know that self–care isn’t a one-time occasion that occurs every few months; it’s a daily practice. 

March 2020 – Melanated Pearl Corp presents PEARL ProMaster 1500

We currently use the mobile ProMaster as a Popup Shop, Food Delivery, and SWAG Shop.

The Melanated Pearl Corporation ProMaster 1500 was branded with the logo and allows us to become a Fully Mobile Service organization. The PEARL Van is Perfectly Designed and Engineered to house and deliver your PEARL Girl SWAG. We currently use the mobile ProMaster as a Popup Shop, Food Delivery, and SWAG Shop. Wear clothing with a message! @melanatedpearlapparel 

Melanated Pearl is a nonprofit organization whose mission centers around the empowering, educating and uplifting of women of color.

February 29, 2020 -A Day at the S.P.A.

A S.P.A. day of Spiritual Preparation and Affirmations as we Educate, Uplift, and Empower the PEARL girls (Black female entrepreneurs) in and around our community!

Melanated Pearl Corporation presented “a day at the S.P.A.” aka I LOVE BLACK Women!
  • Cost of Entry: $11.11
  • Program Starts at: 12:12 PM
  • Location: B’Mari Events Studio in Jonesboro, GA

Women were asked to dress in GREEN, YELLOW, & RED
Women over 50 were asked to dress in PURPLE!

This was an inspirational and spiritually uplifting program! S.P.A. services will be available on-site via vendors.

Access to Black Vendors – Healers, Speakers, Readers, Educators, Artists, Photographers, Models & Musicians

A complete day of pampering in celebration of black female excellence.

  • Black Music & Black Culture
  • Black Food cooked by Black People
  • Vegetarian options were available*
  • Gospel- Jazz -Hip-Hop-R&B
  • All Black male staff and program
  • There will be an A RUNWAY so… A FASHION SHOW
A Complete day of pampering in celebration of black female excellence.
Access to Black Vendors – Healers, Speakers, Readers, Educators, Artists, Photographers, Models & Musicians
  • Doors opened at 11:11 AM
  • Angel number 1111 is a special message from your guardian angels indicating your ability to connect with the Ascended Masters in the angelic realm. It is your connection with the angelic realm, God, or Source Energy that determines your ability to manifest your desires and achieve your full potential.

The VENDOR Fee was $20.00 via CashApp $MelanatedPearlCorp or PayPal

  • The program started at 12:12 AM
  • Angel number 1212 symbolizes your spiritual growth and awakening, the manifestation of your dreams, and awareness of your infinite being. You should continue to remain a positive frame of mind and steer your thoughts in the direction of your dominant ambition.

An extra day and we are Celebrating BLACK FEMALE EXCELLENCE!

January 2020- The Bridge Fund Opens to the Public

Before the pandemic began, Melanated Pearl Corporation launched and continues to maintain a Bridge Fund through the “I’m in for $10” Fundraiser. Website Link. As you know, in Georgia, a typical household with one adult and two children needs about $5,000 a month to cover basic expenses. We know and understand that this is not the reality of many working women living in Georgia. We designed the “I’m in for $10” Bridge Fund Fundraiser for working women living in poverty. During a time when many families have lost income and are struggling to pay bills and as we learn to survive and thrive in the new normal,  Melanated Pearl Corporation offers a financial bridge of up to $250. 

September 15, 2019- PEARL World 201

PEARL World 201 was a Full Day Fall Retreat 2019
Host: Melanated Pearl Corporation
Cost: $5 Entry Fee per person Pay:

  • Location: B’Mari Events
  • Topics: S.E.L.F. Framework
  • Sexual Health and S.E.L.F. Discovery
  • Equity, Equality, and Education
  • Lifestyle and Leadership
  • Finances, Freedom, and Family Planning
  • Melanated Pearl products and merchandise

Included a S.E.L.F. activity and networking best practices.
Our Mission: To educate, uplift, and empower Black Women.
Audience: Must be 17+
Target audience: age range 25-35

June 1, 2019 -PEARL World 101

B'Mari Events
Tammary and Crystal at the PEARL World 101 Event
Launch Event

PEARL Girl Summer Launch Event:

PEARL World 101 was the Melanated Pearl Corporation’s official launch event. “What if we support black women?” in a celebration of Black Female Excellence!

Motto: Transforming Experience into Empires

Morning Wood Vendor and Board Member
Board Member and Morning Wood Vendor – June 2019

This was a FREE networking event, PEARL Girl products, and branded merchandise was available for purchase.

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PEARL girl define. Each shirt represents the meaning of a letter in PEARL

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