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Pearl Girl in the community
This is a safe space to talk about the challenges black women and girls face as wives, partners, single mothers, single people, widows, low-wage workers, professionals, students…
our list is endless. 
And you’re invited to participate. 

Melanated Pearl Corporation transforms communities by debunking the stereotypical negative narratives associated with women of color; black women in particular. 

Melanated Pearl helps model for Black women as she sets out to accomplish personal, professional, and financial success. She uses Instagram to provide a virtual space to seek advice, share resources, and share stories of triumph. Her goal is to celebrate the resilient, innovative spirit of the Passionate Engaged Activists, Resisting Limitations (PEARL Girls) in our world.


(Passionate, Engaged, Activist, Resisting, Limitations)


Giving Is Real Love

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Melanated Pearl Welcomes you to join the digital community!
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Introducing Melanated Pearl

13 thoughts on “Meet Melanated Pearl”

  1. Women have always been perceived as weaker. TRUTH be known we are caretakers and providers. That role was given to women from the beginning. We as women have also been given a voice. There will always been a continued neglect given to a woman. We have to remember that we stand on very broad shoulders and wide hips which is US.

  2. How do you differentiate between racism or questionable qualifications in the workplace?
    Under/overqualified or being a black women that will intimidate a male dominated environment.

    1. Quinn- I recommend keeping a record and calling it out! People will sometimes be trash towards you. They’ll tell you that you don’t know enough, or that your knowledge isn’t technical enough. Don’t listen to them. They’re going on some impossible standard that even they themselves could not fulfill. And more often that not black women are already overachieving in a their male dominated field. #pearlgirl

    2. Just go for it! Stop making excuses for reasons not to go after something you really want. Build a network of other black women who have been in the industry. You’ll need them during difficult and discouraging times at work. More importantly, they’ll be able to give you advice on how to navigate corporate life, especially because you’ll find yourself in spaces where (more times than not) you’ll be one of the only black women there.

    3. There is sometimes just a matter of being a women and who I decide to promote or demote. Men who constantly need validation have already defeated themselves just haven’t accepted it.

  3. I would like to discuss the fear of black women advocating for themselves. We are considered combative or argumentative when we tell our truths. I’m tired of being dismissed and not being heard.

  4. I love the concept and it is long over due. The changing of constructed mass communication images of black girls and women is on the move in digital platforms because of sites like yours. I look forward to attending the event in June.

    Madd Love and Positive Energy

    1. Thank you for sharing your truth journey with the masses! There are so many untold stories that have not been heard yet the experience is real. This is a wonderful platform to share, teach and empower one another. I look forward to meeting some of these amazing truth tellers and seekers on June 1st.!

  5. Topics I’d love to see covered:
    The “Muting” of BW
    BW and Martyrdom
    The “New” Face of the Single Mom statistic
    Singles: Eligible vs. Available
    Education and BC for the 22nd Century

      1. The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”

        And Malcolm concludes by saying that a black man should be willing to lay down his life to support and protect her.

        Is there even a hint of that spirit in reality?

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