Memories of my father

Do Dirty’s Daughter

Thanks to my dad, I had the perfect dress!

Today I’m tasked with viewing the final remains of my father before his home going service. One of my favorite memories of my dad is from spring 1995, I was a Jr in H.S. and going to my first prom CGHS. I remember going to the mall with my friends and looking at the price tags and thinking, I’d likely have to steal my prom dress. #jokingnotjoking

But, thankfully my dad had a plan. He didn’t have the money, but he did work at a hospital and one day brought home a fashion magazine from that hospital. He told me to look through that magazine until I found a dress I wanted and I did. He took me to a fabric store and introduced me to a woman who helped me pick out fabric and a pattern. He bought me a Marta card and every couple of days two weeks, I rode the school bus home and then rode Marta to Piedmont hospital for a dress fitting. And as my dad cleaned those floors and took out the trash and completed whatever random responsibilities he was tasked with. I waited in a women’s locker room, where a woman measured me, then took that magazine picture, the fabric and pattern…and made me a dress!

I don’t remember the seamstress, I couldn’t tell you her name nor what it cost my dad to pull this off. I can only say that in 1995, I went to Prom and I had a black satin dress and it was one of a kind! #custommadedress #blackwomenmagic #blackfathersmatter #pearlgirl #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #blackdadsmatter

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One thought on “Memories of my father”

  1. The tale of one of six brothers…a piggyback off Do Dirtys daughter.
    Boojack made sure I was the sharpest girl at the JVHS 1974 prom, he bought my first maxi coat and my first stacked heels. He was definitely a one of a kind.
    DoDirty’s sister???


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