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Melanated Pearl Corporation seeks to provide support and resources using a virtual space to gather ideas for policy recommendations to provide better protections for Black women and girls.

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Is anyone going to talk about black girls and sexual abuse in the black community?

The countless stories of Black women and girls missing, being killed, being sexually abused, or made unsafe at the hands of their parents, guardians, police officers who use excessive force has frequently gone unnoticed….basically the very people who are suppose to love and nurture our black girls are in some cases the ENEMY in the room. What’s hidden in plain sight: A look at child sexual abuse A look at child sexual abuse in the black community. By Stephanie Hargrove


Black girls have been made unsafe in schools where they are six times more likely to be suspended than White girls, are silence victims of sexual violence, and are almost expected to become victims in the school to prison pipeline.


Black women and girls are unsafe in their homes and continue to suffer from high rates of domestic violence and sexual assault.


The perception of Black women and girls in the media perpetuates negative images reinforcing programming that promotes the idea that Black women, who are exponentially over sexualized and are essentially, not rape-able.


What if your innocence wasn’t given but taken? What if your first sexual experience was rape? Healing after surviving sexual violence is a personal journey but it shouldn’t stay private. EXPOSE THAT SOB immediately!

We have to build a safety net for Black Females locally and globally!

I am a black female who grew up around boys. There are many men in my family. In previous years, I would have fought you if you ever suggested that those men didn’t build a circle of love and protection around me and my female relatives. #blackmensupporingblackwomen 

As a child I heard rumors certain females in specific inappropriate situations and I remember being shuffled out of the room when intense “adult conversations” began also known as “Go outside and play!” Or the more popular “Go find something to do, don’t you see grown folks talking?”

But recently, I received a call from a relative. Her voice was different. She spoke with a tone of expectation and I immediately acknowledged the freedom in her voice. She began to reveal a story of survival, resilience and triumph describing a level of mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse comparable to the historic treatment of slave girls in the Deep South.

Let That Hurt Go
…finding your freedom begins with telling your story… #melanatedpearl

Stripped and beaten for attempting to defend your body and its worth from a person whose role is to “protect and provide” is more than confusing and unfortunate.

It’s Traumatic and it’s worthy of REAL discussion! #melanatedpearl

Author: Melanated Pearl

All women, regardless of socioeconomic status or exceptionality, should have access to customized, quality, and equitable educational programs, as well as personal and professional leadership coaching that develops and promotes their competence, confidence and social responsibility. Crystal created Melanated Pearl and the Melanated Pearl Corporation as a pathway for women seeking to become their better SELVES.

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