Black Nonprofit connects Cause Driven Shoppers to Black Female Entrepreneurs

Melanated Pearl Corporation responds to the Covid-19 financial crisis by investing in Black Women!

Pandemics, like any disaster, strain individual, family, community, business, and societal resources. As we all work to develop new strategies to fund our lifestyles, nonprofits, small businesses, and artistic practices, Melanated Pearl Corporation reminds us that Black communities and black women, in particular, have always known how to adapt, survive, and make do with what we have. What do we have? I’m glad you asked. Black Women: We have each other! While the current state of affairs has everything in the air, one thing is for certain…some good will come out of this if we stick together. We all, we got! 

Let's Move Towards Our Empowerment
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Let’s be clear. Making do doesn’t mean, doing nothing. In addition to building collective economic systems of support between ourselves we must continue our collective activism; ensuring the Small Business Administration extends more loans to Black businesses; monitoring the sustainability of our health care system, caregivers, child care businesses and workers; gaining access to capital to small businesses and asset managers, and demanding more support for Black-owned banks. During a time when many families have lost income and are struggling to pay bills as we learn to survive and thrive in the new normal. Demographic disparities in business ownership are well-documented in the United States coupled with this recent pandemic two small business crises are exposed.

  • The first is the sudden shock to small businesses induced by COVID-19, the impact is acute and immediate.
  • The second crisis is the structural racial and gender disparities in business ownership that exist in general, are now being highlighted as continuous, long-standing, and equally damaging.

Are you looking for a way to celebrate your Melanated SuperMom and support black female entrepreneurship while you are sidelined at home due to Coronavirus?. 

The solution is simple. Invest in black women. Melanated Pearl Corporation is excited to offer the Melanated Pearl SuperMOM Self Care Kit!

SuperMOM Self Care Kit 

Super Mom
Super Mom

The Melanated Pearl SuperMOM Self Care kit is all the things you want and nothing you don’t. It’s like giving a gift and immediately receiving one in return. It’s specifically designed with Black Women in mind! 

  • Every product in the kit assists you in maintaining a high quality of life. 
  • Every dollar you spend equals jobs and supports fair wages for black female entrepreneurs. 
  • Every product is connected to a black female entrepreneur with a powerful story. 

The Melanated Pearl Super MOM Self Care Kit products like: 

  • Scented Candle created by Magnolia Pink
  • A Customized Journal by KtheOtherWay
  • Scalp Oil – Developed by Mone’ Save My Hair 
  • Melanated Super MOM T-shirt & Super Mom customized Glassware by UnapologeticallyBlack 
  • Custom Melanated Mom Shirts, Lunch Bag, Custom Linen Makeup Bag, & Custom SuperMom Rose Gold Compact by Tiarra’s Bling Tees and More 
  • Health & Beauty Products (Body mouse/Sugar Scrub/Mood Mist – by Lather and Soothe
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from CozbeeWireless  that include: 5-Surgical Mask, 5-pair gloves, & 1-Hand Sanitized
  • and of course, we add in a few extra surprises!!!

At present, we are being challenged to dive back into the systems that our elders and ancestors developed to keep on keeping on. That translates into purposefully and intentionally pouring into black women. At all times, but especially during times such as this; black women, our self-care is vital. Black Women spend most of our time caring for the needs of others; family, friends, coworkers, and spouses and often put our own needs on the back burner. This has proven to be detrimental for us in the long run. 

Audre Lorde said: “Caring for myself…is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” While many people equate self-care with lavish vacations, spa days and expensive gifts to treat ourselves, it’s important for you to know that self–care isn’t a one-time occasion that occurs every few months; it’s a daily practice. 

Just in time for Mother’s Day! & In the spirit of collective action and creative works, Melanated Pearl Corporation is excited to purposely invest in black female entrepreneurs while celebrating Black Motherhood. 

Melanated Pearl presents SuperMOM Self Care Kit 

SuperMOM Self Care Kit Label
We encourage the celebration of your authentic self.

The idea behind the Melanated MOM Self-Care kit is unique. We encourage the celebration of your authentic self. If you have ever purchased or received a sample of a healthy and beauty kit, as women of color, you know the feeling of opening products that aren’t necessarily culturally appropriate. 


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This article hopes to provide exposure for black female entrepreneurs and provide a direct connection for cause-driven community members who want to support black female artists and entrepreneurs, specifically those who have made it their mission to uplift Black creatives. Plus, pandemic or not, we should always do our part to support black female entrepreneurship. 

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Author: Melanated Pearl

All women, regardless of socioeconomic status or exceptionality, should have access to customized, quality, and equitable educational programs, as well as personal and professional leadership coaching that develops and promotes their competence, confidence and social responsibility. Crystal created Melanated Pearl and the Melanated Pearl Corporation as a pathway for women seeking to become their better SELVES.

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