25 years of friendship…

Melanated Pearl travels to Key West 2019

Random thoughts about the power of friendship!

About 25 years ago my grandfather Selma Boswell transitioned and we moved to “Atlanta”…
It was there that I found the black girls who would join me on my journey into womanhood. My connection to Kiana Cosby Kee Thespian and Andrea started at Cedar Grove c/o 96. I won’t get into all the details but #messy. LOL. Hell it was high school in Decatur, GA!

Cedar Grove HS c/o 96

As expected we launched our lives and began “gathering the things” and checking the list but we always remained connected. Agnes Scott assisted me in connecting with Amber Wright Jones and Courtney, & Patrice Benton. In 2001 Erica Hood joined & in 2006 the “trips” aka meetings began!
Now…Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Educational leaders…mother’s, wives, some divorced, some single, some in new relationships, some renewing relationships, and all authentic!

Breaking Bread with my BFFs

I am more than lucky to have these women surrounding me. They are the perfect representation of Melanated Pearl and the magic that is the black female! #blackwomen #pearlgirl #mynetwork

My network is my net worth & I Am RICH!

Melanated Pearls and soulful friendships!

Often times, we, black women, fall in the traps of a society that tries to bring us down. On social media, television and real life, friendships between black women are portrayed as relationships built on competition, jealousy, cat-fights and pettiness.

Promote Sisterhood Daily

I am my sister’s keeper!

That does not have to be the case. Now, more than ever, we need each others backs and it starts with a soulful friendship that promotes sisterhood even in the toughest times.

Melanated Pearl Corporation promotes soulful friendship!

We know what is like to be labeled angry or loud. Black Women know what it is like to be viewed as less than in our culture and community. As black women, we are faced with multiple challenges in our health, career and family, so shouldn’t we at least lean on one another for solace and encouragement?

PEARL Girl 101 explores the power of black female relationships.

There is something about black female friendships!

Why are black female friendships important to Black Women?

Black female friendships offers a sense of validation that the society refuses to give black women.

A true friendship is so deep and meaningful because we understand, accept and pour so much into each other – something we cannot find elsewhere. Melanated Pearls heal each other by just being together!