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As we move into a new system of schooling at home, maximizing your student virtual classroom experience required you establish a learning zone of space in house. Let Melanated Pearl Corp support you on your journey.

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Design & Set-Up – Learning Space

Classroom in A Box

“Niyonna’s Learning Nook”


You can create a grade level classroom or workstation using a cardboard box.

Customized Learning Spaces for Students

Get rid of distractions while your student is at work! A Customized Classroom in a Box gives your student a private workspace.

Most educators and homeschoolers are familiar with the idea of a curriculum in a box. If you didn’t know, boxed curriculums include things like — teacher guides, books, study sheets, tests, activities, and some include report cards. The classroom in a box offers an opportunity to teach organization. Besides being convenient for you and sour student, a classroom in box can offers easy access to all the books and materials for a academic year. The classroom in a box is a mobile customized workstation for your student.

Customized Content Corners

Grade Level Content Corners

Customize Learning Wall – A content corner focuses on one subject area. Similar to Learning Walls that support students on their learning journey, a content corner is a reference point for students as they work towards knowledge, understanding and application of skills. Anything that builds on your student knowledge as they work towards their LEARNING INTENTION can be included. The wall is not linear like a Bump It Up Wall – it grows in any direction, depending on your students needs.

3rd Grade – Georgia Standards

Build Reading Nooks & Forts for Early Readers

Based on your learning space

How We Do It –

In-Person – You provide the space and materials.

Virtual /Remote (View Video) – Schedule a one – on – one session where I walk you through the process.

Re-imagine Learning Spaces

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To Serve Family and Communities

Share Best Practices and Design Ideas

Support Students and Families transition to Schooling at Home in Virtual Learning


Use cardboard to create

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Creating a Classroom Using a cardboard box – Pre-K 2

1. Step 1: Choose a Theme, Grade Level, or Content Area

Crayons & Colors Theme

2. Step 2: Select a Color Palette

Use white space to break up your structure
We focused on the 8 colors in the crayon box

3. Step 3: Make a Supply List

Select your early learning stations

4. Step 5: Arrange the Items

5. Step 6: Add the Background: Wrapping Paper/Fabric

Reinforce using tape or a gun glue

6. Step 7: Attach the Border

7. Step 8: Add Pictures and Words.

Use pouches to house materials