Speak Up!

Melanated Pearl wearing an unapologetically black t-shirts

This is what people fail to understand about the intersection of race and gender.

Not only are black women, our experiences and contributions, most often omitted and overlooked, but we are also the ones who are most often forgotten about when those same experiences and contributions push these discussions, the resistance and the fight for equity, equality and justice forward.

Yet, we are often the one’s screaming the loudest and fighting the hardest! #blackwomenmatter #pearlgirl

Yeah, I might be frustrated but I will keep moving forward! #activist

We believe in the power of Black Women!

Author: Melanated Pearl

All women, regardless of socioeconomic status or exceptionality, should have access to customized, quality, and equitable educational programs, as well as personal and professional leadership coaching that develops and promotes their competence, confidence and social responsibility. Crystal created Melanated Pearl and the Melanated Pearl Corporation as a pathway for women seeking to become their better SELVES.

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