Melanated Pearl Podcast

Melanated Pearl host a panel with two black woman on the topic: Angry!

The angry black woman myth also shapes how others read and interpret the actions of Black women. There are various sources, platforms, and mediums that Black women use to shed light on the impact of the myth. Melanated Pearl invites Black women to provide insight on how the myth is reinforced in the media, social spaces, and interpersonal interactions.

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Melanated Pearl Podcast

This podcast is the start of a conversation.

Black women are expected to use our anger only in the service of other people’s salvation or learning. But that time is over.

Black women, whether if it’s through activism, academia, art, dance, or writing validate, affirm their rage. Through such activism and discourse, black women have opened many conversations regarding the dismissal and scrutiny of their emotions.

Speak Up!

This is what people fail to understand about the intersection of race and gender.

Not only are black women, our experiences and contributions, most often omitted and overlooked, but we are also the ones who are most often forgotten about when those same experiences and contributions push these discussions, the resistance and the fight for equity, equality and justice forward.

Yet, we are often the one’s screaming the loudest and fighting the hardest! #blackwomenmatter #pearlgirl

Yeah, I might be frustrated but I will keep moving forward! #activist

We believe in the power of Black Women!