Blackout Tuesday – 6/2/2020

Today was hard but meaningful. I woke up to Black Screenshots… and the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday Okay, we protesting. So without thought I joined and went ALL BLACK IMMEDIATELY.

a moment of rest

As quickly as we seemed to come together, we started to come apart. I decided to refrain from posting anything new to my social media pages, but I gave in to post the above photo of me laying on my couch. Why? Because I needed to. I needed to wait. I needed to listen. I needed to research. I need to watch. I needed to learn. I needed to process my feelings. I needed a sign of hope.


I understand those who say – “I refuse to silence myself.” I hear you loud and clear to those screaming, “Black people have been silent enough.” I support you and your contributions. I am thankful for your voice and your passion. I appreciate the perspective of those who pay attention to the details and explain -who and why- this particular protest popped up on this particular day during the pandemic. I am thankful for today and I took this day to rest and reset.

Start Black Over

We won’t pretend to have an answer. We too, are exhausted by the consistent injustice and brutality. But we are HERE. We will continue to SERVE and we draw our strength from you. That said, let’s continue to move each other forward. In alignment with our mission, we seek to EDUCATE (and be uneducated), we purposely UPLIFT ourselves and others, and want to EMPOWER women; Black Women in particular.


Melanated PEARLs are

◦ Melanin-Inspired

◦ Equity-focused

◦ Legacy-builders

◦ Action-seekers

◦ Neighborly-networkers

◦ Admiring-observers

◦ Talent-sharers

◦ Educational-advocates

◦ Dedicated-developers

Giving is real love (Girl)

If you believe you can then you will. It all starts with believing in the possibility of an impossible idea. “See a need, fill a need”!

You never know how strong you are until you have to be. Understanding your strength is important. Reminding you to focus on giving. Girl – giving is real love- Whenever I feel myself slipping into darkness, I get up and do something for someone else. #volunteer


If you believe you can then you will. It all starts with believing in the possibility of an impossible idea. “See a need, fill a need”!

That’s something I’ve always believed and lived. Knowing that…We battle not against flesh and blood…but spiritual wickedness…the purpose of Melanated Pearl Corporation and the PEARL Girl Launch is to break the negative traditions of competition and division…and to celebrate the gifts, talents, perseverance, resilience, and skills sets of #blackwomen 

We believe there is room at the top for all of us! Our strength is in our variety. What products and services do you provide? We seek to promote #blackfemalebusinessowner#blackgirlmagic#blackwomenmagic

#pearlgirl #blackentrepreneurs #blacksinglemothers #blackbusinesswomen


#blackgirlmagic#blackwomenmagic #pearlgirl

#blackentrepreneurs #blacksinglemothers #blackbusinesswomen #blackbusinesswoman

Melanated Pearl and Dr. Candy Tate